What is Shinkage-ryu

Shinkage-ryu is founded By “Kamiizumi-Isenokami-Nobutuna”.
And it has been told by the “Owari-Yagyu Famiky” from generation to generation till modernization.

Although commonly called the “Yagyu-Shinkage-ryu” , it is formally called a “Shinkage-ryu.”

* This is about the Shinkage-ryu which got across to the Owari-Yagyu Family. It does not know about other systems.

Moreover, although this neighborhood is puzzling, a Shinkage-ryu(Shinkage-style) may be called “Yagyu-ryu(Yagyu-Style)” .

Although it will be called a Yagyu-ryu = Shinkage-ryu since the legitimacy of a Shinkage-ryu got across to Yagyu Family, But The way of calling called Yagyu-Shinkage-ryu is still a mistake.

* Include what was correctly taken in behind by the military tactics of Yagyu Family, and they are the Yagyu-style and a Shinkage-ryu in it.
It seems that thus, it had distinguished. Therefore, it is although “Iai ( Iaido,Iaijyutu )” may be included in Yagyu-style,
There is a talk which does not know well that there is nothing that it is each other in Shinkage-ryu..

1, Who Found Shinkage-ryu?

Shinkage-ryu is the art of Japanese swords arts which was able to be begun with “Kamiizumi-Isenokami-Nobutuna” in the Age of Civil Wars(Sengokujidai).
The user of a sword who learned the any traditional Japanese Sword arts .
and Kamitsuke (the present Gumma ) since it was young .
He learnd “Kage-ryu” from “Aisu-Hyuuganokami” and He thought the way of “Marobashi”.
then he found the Shinkage-ryu ..

And it was transmitted from Kamiizumi to Mr. Yagyu of Yamato (present Nara Prefecture) next, and the Yagyu-style was produced.

founder of the Yagyu style is the “Yagyu-sekisyuusai-munetoshi”.
he Learnd Shintou-ryu from Katori-Shinjuurou the first.
he was the military-tactics person currently called No1 at five-Prefecture, a game is played with Kamiizumi, and it is beaten, and studies under Kamiizumi the back.
The seal of approval of “one one-country person” could be given from Kamiizumi, and it became the founder of the Yagyu style.

2, Yagyu Family-Edo, and Owari

Then, it was handed down to “Yagyu-Hyogonosuke” of the grandchild of “Yagyu-Sekisyuusai-Munetoshi” ,and “Yagyu-Munenori” of the fifth son of the “Yagyu-Sekisyuusai-Munetoshi”,

An Edo-Yagyu is told from “Yagyu-Munenori” to “Yagyu-Jyuubei” and “Yagyu-munefuyu” which are the son.

“Yagyu-hyogonosuke” became the teacher of the military tactics of leader”Tokugawa-Yoshinao ” of the founder of the country in Owari(a branch family to the Shogun)., and the Owari-Yagyu has told the legitimacy of a Shinkage-ryu with the background in Owari from generation to generation.

3, Owari-Yagyu –History of Shinkage-ryu legitimacy

– The Owari-Yagyu founder, the Yagyu-Hyogonosuke
It is military-tactics instruction of the Owari-han main Yoshinao public in response to the seal of approval of Hyogonosuke assistant and grandfather Yagyu-sekisyuusai “handed down only to its heir.”

– Yagyu-renya-toshikane
he wrote a book “Shinkage-ryu-kudensho”,and it was sealed. and to open this was forbidden strictly, saying that you should become blindness about Punishment of God. and it handed down to future generations.

– A restorer, Yagyu-toshiharu
Although it was the time when A deep Instructions of a Shinkage-ryu already became ambiguous at the time of Yagyu-Toshiharu, The secretary whom Yagyu-renya hid is opened and the Yagyu style was restored.

– Assistance of restoration, Nagaoka-tourei
Nagaoka-Tourei summarizes Instructions of a Shinkage-ryu from ancient times as assistance of a military-tactics instructor house, and the detailed description about all those books was performed.
Moreover, since it conforms to a time, The subdivision was studied and the “Gaiden-Shiai-kata” was packed.